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    What is your true calling?
    What is your life's purpose?
    What is your Destiny?


Our vision at Destiny Code® is for everyone on earth to discover their true CALLING and PURPOSE!

98% of the worlds population dies without fulfilling everything they were born to do. 87% of the world population is disengaged at their jobs. Over one million people take their own life every year because they don't know they have a God given purpose in life. 

On average, only about 1–2% of the world’s population actually realizes their true potential and life purpose. Are you in the 2% or the 98%? Where are you headed with your life? Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied with your life's journey and where it is taking you?
If you are uncertain of these questions, Sign up here and find your life's purpose.

Help secure the future of your children and grandchildren

An estimated 20-50% of students enter college as “undecided” and an estimated 75% of students change their major at least once before graduation.- V. N. Gorden: "An academic and career advising challenge"

Over 75% of those obtaining a college degree don't operate in the field of study for that degree. 50% of that 75% work in a field that doesn't even require a college degree! That's a lot of time and money wasted that doesn't benefit their true calling! We must change the way we think, our cultural perception about education and its purpose. Education must be for Deployment into our created Destiny (design) and for our unique and specific calling and purpose.

How did education become the objective instead of the objective of preparedness for our Destiny and for the unique design for which we are created? Simply stated, we have looked at our education more from the horizontical than from the vertical perspective . I am convinced that when we do exactly what we are instructed to do, and to view our personal education based on our Destiny Deployment and Created Design, everything will change. This simple yet profound change/choice/decision will create a Global era of goodness and success that will dawn upon the Earth for all of Humanity to experience and in which all of Humanity can participate and enjoy" — Mr. Charlie Lewis

How do you solve this devastation for your children?

"Your life has purpose built into it. You have an interesting, challenging and accomplishable Destiny if you simply take time to discover and accept who you are designed to be" - Mr. Jai George, Founder and CEO of Destiny Code and Destiny Deployment Corporation.

Why waste thousands of dollars on college tuition, when you can spend $497 dollars to find their destiny, sending them off to college with confidence?

Call us today at 919-522-4025 for an appointment with one of our professional CERTIFIED FACILITATORS. Within 4 hours regardless of where you are in the world, we can find your destiny. THIS IS THE GREATEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN EVER MAKE!

What is Destiny Code®?

Here at Destiny Code®, we believe that the Creator of life (a greater being that has infinite wisdom and knowledge) has created every human being with a genuine life purpose. That purpose, or destiny, is a unique code that resides within each person’s heart and soul. Only that person can truly discover that destiny for him/herself, with the help of one of our certified professional facilitators and Destiny Code® web application tools.

Our online Destiny Code® web application was created with the intention of giving every human being the necessary tools, guidance and insight needed to self-actualize. This allows them to discover and achieve the real-life destiny by way of a simple, yet extraordinary self-discovery and realization process. When you book one of our certified professional facilitators, they will spend about 3 hours to assist you discover your unique Destiny and provide you guidance. You will then obtain a copy of your 22-45 page detailed Destiny and personality Blue Print Report. This report will unlock your full potential and reveal your amazing future!

Living a life full of passion and desire is one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself. As author and success coach Anthony Robins says, "... take in great pains to communicate to the multitudes about living a passionate life."

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Our goal at Destiny Code® is for everyone on earth to discover their true calling in a decade and you can help us reach them! Here are some things you can do to partner with us.

  • Discover your own personal Destiny by contacting us for an appointment at 919-522-4025 or click to start here!
  • If you love helping people find their purpose, be a part of Destiny Code by becoming a licensed facilitator and earn a TERRIFIC income for yourself! Annually, our part time certified facilitators (who are mostly stay-at-home-moms) earn $40,000 PLUS, with our full-time coaches and counselors earning over 100K per year. You set your own goals!
  • Informing parents and students to find their life purpose so they don't have to enter college as 'undecided', eliminating wasting of time and money for tuition fees. The statistics prove that over 75% of those obtaining a college degree don't even operate in the field of study for that degree! Further, 50% of that 75% work in a field that doesn't even require a college degree!
  • Sign up TODAY and take our in-depth training class. After a detailed analysis, we translate your ‘Destiny Code’ into a comprehensive personal plan that you can execute while providing you with expert mentorship along the way.
  • Tell your friends and associates to live a passionate and fulfilling life by finding their purpose with Destiny Code! If you have a friend, family member, or coworker that seems unhappy with their career path, encourage them to contact us and take a step towards a more meaningful life.
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Your career, dealing with stress and anxiety,

conflict at the workplace! 

Are you unhappy at work?

You are not alone. A staggering 70% of workers are right there with you. But there is good news, you can CHANGE that! 

The KEY to happiness is to understand that your career is in DIRECT connection with your PURPOSE. Who are you? What are you destined to be? Is there a company out there that you can be a part of that actually shares your VALUES?

We teach you how to prepare an outstanding resume, how to write a cover letter that gets you an

immediate interview.

Attend this class and find your true SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!

Purchase a seat in our classroom for a 2 hour seminar, and turn your life around! 


*Special price* ends on January 31, 2017. 

*$95.00/person* (Lunch included)


February 21, 2017

Time: 11:00PM to 1:00PM


805 Spring Forest Rd.

Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27609


We currently offer these sessions in Raleigh NC.

Book online here

Contact Jill George for an appointment:

(919) 522-4025 or email at:

Successful people use certain strategies:

  • Have a plan (with goals) for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT to get specific results
  • Get innovative and motivated. Use performance planning and feedback and be more effective in communication
  • Boost confidence by being a better you!



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Join DESTINY CODE® TODAY And Become An Authorized Facilitator and Earn Great Income

Are you Interested in using the DESTINY CODE® FACILITATOR program with your clients? Join our global network of large independent facilitator partners! We are a large family, and we want you to be a part of it. We sell our products exclusively through our exclusive network of independent facilitators, trainers, coaches and counselors.

As A DESTINY CODE® Authorized Partner, You Will:

  • Build your name brand with DESTINY CODE® brand
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 Grow Your Business With Destiny Code®  

As an independent facilitator, counselor, trainer, coach, or consultant, you will need insight that provides real assessment to your clients. The reports, marketing, training tools, and experts that are associated with our professional DESTINY CODE® team can provide just that!

 Destiny Code® Result Can Be Trusted By You And Your Clients 

As part of our product development process, significant testing on that process has been done, advancing us with 1000 clients/members today. Jai George's DESTINY CODE® model was first developed in 2003. Since then, it has become the most widely accepted process for finding an individual’s Destiny and purpose, making Destiny Code globally recognized.

Support Is Available To All Of Our Facilitators

It starts with individual client success. Your success and DESTINY CODE® success, so we offer a wide range of training events to educate you on our products and to support your small business—plus marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Be A Part Of A Professional Community

DESTINY CODE® Authorized Facilitator Partners have opportunities to share their questions, insights, and successes with us and with one another. Our DESTINY CODE®  Partner Conference, our annual conference, provides a unique opportunity to learn from DESTINY CODE® leaders and other members of our network of partners.


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