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CEO & Founder

Jai George is a visionary. He is a serial entrepreneur who launched many businesses.

But Destiny Code is his one and only passion-based business. Jai's purpose is to assist all humanity (globally) find their purpose and destiny based on their created design.
His primary goal is to help launch the dreams and visions of people.

Jai is a master facilitator for discovering people's life purpose's and helping them fulfill their Destiny successfully.
Jai George attended RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) for his MBA.

What is Destiny Code?

Destiny Code® is an intelligent assessment software that helps you DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE and DESTINY. We also provide professional guidance and services to:

1. Students -
A student will know what he/she must major in before they aim for a college degree.

2. Employees -
A job seeker finds his/her right career based on their purpose and capabilities.

3. Entrepreneurs -
Entrepreneurs will know what business they may fail at, and what type of business they will succeed in.

4. Employers -
An employer can evaluate who is the right candidate that will excel in the position and stay with the company for a long term.

5. Introduction to the right people -
We provide precision connection for people that may help you fulfill your goals.

"Living a life full of passion and desire is one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself". Author and success coach Anthony Robbins says, "... take in great pains to communicate to the multitudes about living a passionate life."


Mike G.

I recently worked with Jai as he guided me through his Destiny Code process. Within the first 2 minutes of our call I was moved by his care and genuine desire to make a difference.

I’m excited to continue to work with him and look forward to my Destiny report.

Tana P.

It’s easy to lose sight of your personal dreams and goals when you get caught in the swirl of earning a living, raising a family, or building a business. Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship uses Destiny Code to onboard new clients.
It’s the only tool we’ve found that grows with our clients through every stage of development.

It shows us who’s serious about their professional development and helps our clients get clear, stay focused and create meaningful action plans. CEO | The Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship

Robert R.

As a coach, I love to help others discover more about themselves so that they can grow into becoming their very best self. Destiny Code is a powerful tool in exposing areas for growth, but even more than that, it sets a foundation for a strategic plan of action that is congruent with the hopes and dreams of my clients. It is a gift for every coach, and a life changing opportunity for every person who uses it.

I am so thankful for Destiny Code. Sometimes we need to really assess where we are, and where we are heading. Destiny Code is an azimuth, a directional force toward living out the destiny for which we were created. I now have greater hope for tomorrow, because I have a greater plan through Destiny Code, and through the coaching, guidance and encouragement I got from my Destiny Code coach Jai George.

Converging Zone

Chayla H.

One of The Best Decisions I've Made... EVER!

"Going through Destiny Code (DC) has been a way for me to get to the heart of my life's purpose. As a result of meeting with Jai and the Destiny Code team, I've noticed that I feel much more driven and motivated about pursuing what is important to me. That is a huge part of Destiny Code--what is important to me actually matters and I can discover and know why.

I was really led to see and understand how 'my' destiny is not just for me; but how it is, or rather how I am, designed to impact others. I now feel completely free to appreciate my personality & identity, and to pursue my dreams with tremendous focus.

I would also argue that this goes beyond ordinary life coaching because Destiny Code utilizes (and DC facilitators utilize) a strategic method for helping to uncover our destinies. Because this process requires a lot of depth, I am beyond satisfied with the quality of evaluation, as well as the amount of attention and time invested in me by the team.

In my opinion, this is absolutely necessary if you're looking for transformation in how you view and live your life. Get ready to break away from the mundane!"

Lisa B.

I have discovered something incredible that I want to share with you all that has really helped me in my personal life. We all need to learn more about ourselves and our true callings.

What do we have a passion and purpose for?
I took this class and its amazing what I have learned about myself.

You can signup by visiting and prepare to be WOWED!!!

Craig M.

Working through Destiny Code and then consulting with Jai George brought more clarity in a single day than I had been able to achieve in several years of trying to figure it out on my own.
By the end, I was in tears because my purpose was right there in front of me in a way that I could easily communicate and live.

I highly recommend the full immersion program with Destiny Code!


Before attending college or a university

Every professional athlete has a team of coaches to get them to the top. Yet students seem to always try and figure it out on their own. 

  • An estimated 20-50% of students enter college as “undecided”.
  • An estimated 75% of students change their major at least once before graduation.
  • Over 75% of those obtaining a college degree don’t operate in the field of study for that degree. 
  • 50% of that 75% work in a field that doesn’t even require a college degree.

Education must be for deployment into our created design and for the preparedness of our destiny.

Find your destiny before planning for your education and success. 
Save money and time and ensure greatness for your precious life!

Make a decision today to assess your unique destiny and let one of the coach/ facilitators help you.

Your Career

Every professional athlete has a team of coaches to get them to the top. Yet in Career people seems to always try and figure it out on their own. 

  • 87% of the world’s population are disengaged at work.
  • 98% of the world’s population never accomplishes what they were born to do. What’s more is that 98% of that population thinks that they are in the category of 2% that do!

Find your right career today! At Destiny Code, one of our coach/ facilitators evaluates and guide you in your right successful career.

  • Obtain the right career. One that makes you feel rewarded and happy.  One that matches your purpose!


Life, Business, Success Coaching

Every professional athlete has a team of coaches to get them to the top. Yet in Life/ Business people seems to always try and figure it out on their own. 

  • Over one million people take their own life every year because they don’t feel they have a purpose in life.
  • Most people are not reaching their full potential in life/business/ success because 80% of the human problem is psychology and 20% is the strategy. 
  • “Your life has a purpose built into it. You have an interesting, challenging and accomplishable Destiny if you simply take time to discover and accept who you are designed to be" - Jai George
  • A Homeless person and the wealthiest person has twenty-four hours a day. Only the difference between the poor and wealthy is their PSYCHOLOGY and STRATEGY.

Let one of our certified facilitator/coaches assess you and assist you to find the life you were born to live and help you with the PSYCHOLOGY and STRATEGY you need to achieve your full potential!

Destiny Connections

Breakthroughs happen when you connect the right people:

  • at the right time
  • at the right place
  • at the right season
  • AND with the right perspective

We connect you with others based on your destiny, purpose and unique personality for:

  • Personal
  • Career
  • Business
  • Co-founders
  • Clients

Whether it is for business or personal connection, let one of the coach/ facilitators connect you!

Price List


  • Lifetime membership
  • Find your short personality assessment and result
  • Find the right major for college/University
  • Find Purpose and Destiny
  • Short personality assessment
  • Goal planning
  • Strengths and weaknesses Finder
  • One hour live certified facilitator/coach guidance
  • Find the right career / work / calling / business
  • Career advice and guidance
  • Find Purpose and Destiny
  • Detailed personality assessment
  • Life goal planning
  • Strengths and weaknesses Finder
  • Cycles and patterns Finder
  • Two hour live certified facilitator/coach assistance
Entrepreneur / Business / Success Coaching
  • Find the right career / work / calling / business
  • Success coaching
  • Find Purpose and Destiny
  • Detailed personality assessment
  • Detailed goal planning
  • Strengths and weaknesses Finder
  • Cycles and patterns Finder
  • Four hours live certified facilitator/coach assistance
  • Destiny report
  • Introduction to Destiny connections (Limited) for success
Destiny Facilitator
  • License to become a certified Destiny coach (Training and clients provided)
  • Find Purpose and Destiny
  • Detailed personality assessment
  • Find the right career / work / calling / business
  • Precision goal planning
  • Strengths and weaknesses Finder
  • Cycles and patterns Finder
  • Live master certified facilitator/master coach assistance and guidance
  • Success coaching
  • Destiny report
  • Introduction to Destiny connections (Limited) for success


Jai George and the Destiny Code team
Ticketed Persons
Raleigh, NC
Jai George and the Destiny Code team
Raleigh, NC

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Are you Interested in using the DESTINY CODE® FACILITATOR program with your clients? Join our global network of large independent facilitator partners! We are a large family, and we want you to be a part of it. We sell our products exclusively through our exclusive network of independent facilitators, trainers, coaches and counselors.

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Destiny Code® Result Can Be Trusted By You And Your Clients

As part of our product development process, significant testing on that process has been done, advancing us with 1000 clients/members today. Jai George's DESTINY CODE® model was first developed in 2003. Since then, it has become the most widely accepted process for finding an individual’s Destiny and purpose, making Destiny Code globally recognized.

Support Is Available To All Of Our Facilitators

It starts with individual client success. Your success and DESTINY CODE® success, so we offer a wide range of training events to educate you on our products and to support your small business—plus marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Be A Part Of A Professional Community

DESTINY CODE® Authorized Facilitator Partners have opportunities to share their questions, insights, and successes with us and with one another.

Our DESTINY CODE®  Partner Conference, our annual conference, provides a unique opportunity to learn from DESTINY CODE® leaders and other members of our network of partners.

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